So you've tried all the tricks in
the book? Counting sheep, having a chamomile tea, relaxing with a
book, but you're still left lying awake at night unable to

Sleepless nights could be a thing of the past
as new scientific claims have revealed that the secret to falling
asleep may only take 60 seconds!

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Known as the natural tranquiliser for the nervous
system, the 4-7-8 breathing technique is meant to help reduce
tension in your body and let you slip into a natural slumber.

Based on an ancient Indian practice that regulates
breath, the technique allows oxygen to better fill your lungs,
promoting a relaxing effect and calm state.

Scientist Dr Andrew Weil, who pioneered the technique
said: "As well as relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system,
4-7-8 helps you feel connected to your body and distracts you from
everyday thoughts that can disrupt sleep. Also helping with

It has been suggested that carrying out the technique
twice a day, for six to eight weeks will help you master falling
asleep in just 60 seconds. Next time you're lying awake at night,
why not give it a try?

Master the technique

  1. Start by exhaling completely through your mouth whilst making a
    'whoosh' sound

  2. Close your mouth and take a deep breath in through your nose,
    whilst counting to four in your head

  3. Hold your breath to the count of seven

  4. Exhale completely again through your mouth, making the 'whoosh'
    sound for eight seconds

  5. Repeat the cycle three times 

to let us know if the technique works for you!