There are several factors to be weighed up when it comes to mattress choice, but according to a recent study, the choice ultimately comes down to comfort.

Mattress purchases go through the same consumer checklist as any other product: does it suit my needs? Is it what I want? Can I afford it? But considering that we spend a third of our lives in bed, mattress choice is subjected to a few more considerations.

Furniture Today's Bedding Survey of Furniture Stores concluded that there are five main considerations on the consumer checklist when it comes to mattress choice. The first, and most important, choice for consumers was comfort.

This may seem like an obvious thing to consider, but when you think that most other consumer decisions rank things such as price and brand at the top, it actually makes for an interesting observation.

Most people now recognise the importance of sleep, and when it comes to getting a good night's shut-eye, feeling comfortable in bed is what will get you to sleep. There are now several different mattresses to choose from which all support different kinds of sleeper. The memory foam mattress, for example, is a recent addition to the market, and supports people in the most personal way, which has become a common attribute with modern mattresses.

Among the other factors people consider when buying a mattress, support ranked in second position. This is likely to be because sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can cause significant physical pain, and can affect our ability to perform during the day.

In third place is construction material, which highlights the prevalence of new materials in the market. The aforementioned memory foam material has become a popular choice, along with technology used in Miracoil mattresses.

The final two considerations are brand and getting better sleep. If you are choosing a good brand, then you may find the last two are synonymous. Good brands offer selection and quality, which will aid a good night's sleep.

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