Individuals across the UK hoping to get a good night's sleep
have been advised of the need to ensure they are in comfortable
surroundings and have wound down properly before heading towards
the bedroom.

Relaxation coach Andrew Johnson claimed it is extremely important
for people to take the time to prepare for bed properly, giving their body the
appropriate amount of time to enter a relaxed and restful

Indeed, there are a number of methods individuals can employ to get
them into the right frame of mind for rest, with many as simple as
listening to music - nothing too upbeat of course - or taking a
warm bath.

Mr Johnson commented: "You can play nice relaxing music - you don't
want to become reliant on it, but it does help. There are [also]
certain aromatherapy oils that help.

"If people can't sleep, they tend to watch television and get
hooked on watching it until they go to sleep - which isn't

He added that the most important factor in successfully achieving
peaceful rest is to create comfortable surroundings, with the
removal of distractions a must if people do not wish to be kept

Investing in a quality pair of blackout blinds could be a sensible
move - especially during the summer months - as natural light will
automatically trigger a wake-up reflex, meaning people may be woken
early or in extreme cases not get to sleep at all.

Meanwhile, making sure the bedroom is at the right temperature can
also go a long way towards helping people to nod off with

Earlier this month, Mr Johnson highlighted the main causes of
people being kept awake during the night, with the top reason for
Brits getting insufficient sleep being the fact that many people
will consume high-caffeine drinks late in the evening.

Furthermore, eating late at night and watching the news past 18:00
were also revealed as being significant factors in keeping people

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