With the clocks having gone forward
last weekend, are you thinking about the next time you can steal
forty winks? Us too! You're in luck… our resident sleep expert, Dr
Nerina, is calling on bosses to let their employees grab a nap to
cope with losing an hour two nights ago. 

Struggling to convince the boss?
This work time siesta could reduce the risks of diabetes, heart
issues and even depression! The research we've conducted with the
university of Leeds showed us that a quarter of us Brits only get
five hours of sleep (how?!) - and the clocks going forward could
reduce this further to a measly four hours.

The nap doesn't even need to
interrupt your hard work too much: Dr Nerina advises that just a
twenty-minute power nap can make a huge difference. She advises
that a power nap should be done between 2pm and 4pm, but no later,
otherwise it might affect sleep later at night.

You can even let your boss know that
those twenty minutes in the land of nod can boost creativity and
problem-solving ability, and can even rebalance the immune system.
Less sick days equal happy bosses, and employees. Dr Nerina added:
"allowing staff to indulge in a nap during the working day might
sound unusual, but considering the country will be losing an hour
of sleep over the weekend, it's a fair request. Some kind of
national napping day would allow the UK workforce to return to
their jobs feeling refreshed and ready."

Here's a quick fire list of the dos
and don'ts of work day napping:


  • Always nap between 2pm and 4pm or
    you'll ruin your your night's sleep
  • Make sure you turn your smart
    phone off: being distracted by tech is a big no-no when trying to
    catch some sleep
  • Let your boss know that naps are
    beneficial to the workplace and can improve staff morale in the
    long run!
  • Set an alarm 


  • Sleep all day: we know how
    tempting it is!

With all of the above in mind,
you're ready to take on that midday nap. Remember to let us know if
you've been taking advantage of our findings on Facebook and Twitter using
#MySleepSecret: we'd love to hear your slumber