Clean sleeping has been a big topic in the news this week, with
celebrities and experts endorsing this new trend for a peaceful
night sleep recently.
Endorsed by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, clean sleeping is
the next big thing to compliment your healthy lifestyle. Piggy
backing on the clean eating trend of recent years, you can
apparently feel better and lead a happier lifestyle with a
recommended 9 hours sleep a night, according to the clean sleeping

You can create the ultimate serenity each evening by following
our tips to make your bedroom a haven for a peaceful night.

De-clutter your space

Entering a clean, clutter-free space is key when unwinding and
settling down for the night. Get rid of any unnecessary items
before you go to bed, put clothes away, shoes out of sight - this
will help clear your mind and create a more peaceful atmosphere.
Out of sight out of mind.

Install blackout-blinds

Blocking out any additional light can do wonders for your sleep pattern, creating
total darkness helps you to relax and drift off earlier and easier,
ensuring you can enjoy the recommended 9hours of 'clean sleeping'.
This will also stop the morning light waking you up before you're
ready, maximising the time you're in bed.

Decorate your room in calming colours

According to the Sleep Foundation, yellow, peach, green and blue
are the best colours to create a calm setting. However, any items
that you find calming or soothing are great to have in your
surroundings, this might be a throw, a cushion or just a nice piece
of artwork. Instead of block colour, try a neutral palette and
accessorise with a colour that makes you feel serene for a
sanctuary of calm.

Pick a comfortable mattress and pillows

Theres nothing worse than tossing and turning because of an
uncomfortable mattress. Find a mattress which works for you, from memory
to sprung theres bound to be one just right for
you. But it doesn't stop there, find a pillow you love and you'll
be dying to get back into bed all day.

Put one of these plants in your bedroom

Not only do plants bring life, vibrancy and much needed oxygen
into your room, some are better for aiding sleep than others.
Jasmine for example, helps to lower anxiety, and provide a more
restful sleep. Jasmine has a delightful scent too, natures own
air-freshener! The popular sleep-inducer lavender is also perfect
for slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure, and also makes
a great bedside decoration. Not great at watering your plants? Try
a snake plant, notoriously easy to keep alive, snake plants only
require watering every 2-3 weeks. They also clean the air of toxins
and increase oxygen levels.

A few small changes can make all the difference when it comes to
your sleep, creating
a sanctuary of calm for you to come home to can really help improve
your sleep pattern.
Clean sleeping isn't a complicated process, if you ensure that your
bedroom is a sanctury for calm to help your 9hours each