An increasing amount of people in the US are suffering from chronic sleep disorders, according to recent figures, with doctors linking the problem to serious health problems.

According to the Midland Memorial Hospital in Texas, over 40 million people in America suffer from chronic sleep disorders. There are several sleeping disorders that can be diagnosed, but the most common one is sleep apnea. Signs for this condition are things such as snoring loudly, being overweight and having high blood pressure, according to the American Sleep Association.

The ASA estimates more than 12 million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea. Of those, most are overweight and most snore heavily. Health troubles that manifest themselves at night could in fact be part of more serious health problems, such as heart conditions or diabetes.

Jerry Emerson, a registered polysomnography technologist at the hospital said sleep apnea told My West Texas "such a drastic effect on one's health." Early diagnostics of these conditions is critical if such health conditions are to be stamped out. Mr Emerson added that those who have learned they have sleeping disorders have been able to take measures to prevent heart attacks and open heart surgeries.

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