Did you know that having the right tog in your
duvet is the key to a great night's sleep? We buy duvets without
even thinking if they're right for us, and it could cost us a few
nights of decent sleep. Well, luckily, we have our expert tips on
choosing the right tog in your duvet for you.

Did you know adults and children need different

Children actually need lighter togs than adults,
as the duvets can hold more air around their smaller bodies, and
get them toasty warm more quickly. The ideal tog rating for a child
is 4.5 tog, however duvets are definitely not recommended for
children under 1. So give your child a comfy night's sleep, with a
perfect tog-rated duvet.

Consider your allergies!

If you suffer from any allergies, all year round
or just for a particular season, listen up! Allergies tend to
increase in the summertime, and 25% of all allergies and 50% of all
asthmatic conditions are from allergens produced by the house dust
mite, which can actually be found in your bedding and beds! Not to
worry though, as the

Silentnight Anti-Allergy range
duvets, pillows and protectors to help with this.

Don't forget to give your duvet and pillows some

Many people think clean bedding is a clean bed.
Well, you're in for a surprise! As in the summertime especially you
are likely to sweat more, it can go through to your mattress and
pillows, so why not try adding protectors to your pillows and
mattress and have a good clean night's sleep.

No more duvet overload

Especially in the colder months, many people
tend to use two duvets in one duvet cover, as a way to stay warm
and cosy. But an easier alternative is to have a textured throw on
the lower part of your bed, which adds a lovely decorative touch to
your bed. It's now possible to be warm

Wash your bedding and store it away

Washing your bedding regularly is very
important, as it helps to give you a good clean night's sleep. Your
synthetic hollowfibre bedding can be washed quite easily and safely
at home, so make sure it's dry before storing it in your protective
covers. Rewash it and dry and air thoroughly before placing it back
on your bed when it comes to the winter time.

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