Members of the British public are
being invited to share their experiences of rest as part of a
national 'Rest Test', It is part of a wider collaboration with
charity Wellcome Collection along with BBC Radio 4's All In The
Mind show.


 Thousands of participants are expected to take
part in the study which will be the world's largest ever survey
into subjective experiences of rest. 

 The results of the survey will aim to increase
understanding of how resting will influence an individual's work
and daily habits. The Wellcome Trust is an independent global
charitable foundation dedicated to improving health.

 Claudia Hammond, presenter of Radio 4's All in
the Mind and associate director of Hubbub - the Wellcome
Collection's researchers explains: "Rest is widely regarded as
important to our wellbeing but there's so much we don't know about
it. We vary a lot in how much time we have to spend resting and
even what we consider it to be. Running might feel relaxing to one
person, but exhausting to another. Sometimes we want to calm our
minds, while at other times we focus on letting our bodies recover.
The test will help us find out more about our relationships with
rest and how it affects all our lives."

 Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina, also believes in
resting through a daily short power nap. Visit here to read more from Nerina.