Can’t sleep? How to help your anxiety at night time

Can’t sleep? How to help your anxiety at night time

As discussed in Stylist magazine, night-time anxiety has become a common problem for many people. Stress and worry are usually the two main reasons why we struggle to sleep. Whether it’s because you’ve had a hard day at work or you’re exhausted from the everyday challenges life throws at you, the demons in our minds tend to come back to haunt us when we’re lying in bed at night. 

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So how can we tackle stress at night? Here’s some do’s and don’ts from our sleep expert Dr Nerina, to help reduce any anxious symptoms…


Create a wind down routine:
This is a routine or ritual that you may follow before you go to bed to help you wind down and relax. It sends an essential message to the brain preparing you to go to sleep which is called the ‘transition zone’.

Write a to-do list for the next day:
If you have a lot on your mind when going to sleep, a to-do
list will help you feel more relaxed and organised for the next day so you don’t wake up in a panic.

Light a candle and meditate:
Meditating and focusing on your breathing allows you to cleanse
your mind and forget about the stressful day you may have had and switch off from the world around you. 

Try to exercise regularly:
Exercise releases hormones that make you feel good, also relieving stress. This will help with any anxiety when in bed, however, avoid doing this late at night and allow some ‘wind down’ time.


Have your mobile phone switched on and next to you whilst in bed, this may disrupt your sleep:
Being on electrical devices before you go to sleep also may prevent you drifting off due to the bright light on laptops and mobile phones stopping your mind from switching off. 
Watching TV for an hour before going to sleep as this also has the same effect. 

Eat heavy meals before bed or drink large amounts of alcohol:
Although alcohol may feel like it helps you to sleep, it only makes it worse by encouraging light sleep and restlessness. 


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