We believe that it's important to look after yourself
- a healthy you is a happy you! When you look after and listen to
your body and mind, it improves your quality of sleep. That's why
we've put together a few of our best self-care tips for getting a
better night's sleep!


Write a list


Some people find it hard to sleep with the stress of
uncompleted tasks hanging over them. Writing down lists is a great
way to empty your mind and help you wind down. Write down a to-do
list for the week or even write about what you're thinking.
Physiology Today
released a
study in 'Applied Psychology: Heath and
Well-Being' that claimed that writing down five things that you're
thankful for leads to a longer and better night's sleep.


Go outside


Getting some fresh air is great for your health and
nobody should stay inside for too long.
suggests that being outside
makes us feel more healthy and more alive. Other research suggests
that spending time outdoors benefits the brain
as it has a similar
effect to meditation. We recommend trying an outdoor workout.
Exercising outdoors boosts your overall mental health and decreases
tension in the mind. A clear and happy mind leads to a better
nights sleep - something worth trying!




Meditating is a fantastic way to
look after yourself. The benefits of meditation are amazing as it
decreases anxiety, clears your thinking and gives you a greater
sense of peace. A couple of minutes of mindful meditation will
relieve stress and you'll experience a more relaxing and longer
Research suggests
that mediation could
also prevent winter-related illness such as colds. Better health
and better sleep? We love it!


Release your inner bookworm


Did you know that reading is actually really good for
your health? It's been suggested that if you read fiction, it makes
for a more creative and open-minded you. Reading at
night will not only improve your health and intelligence but can
reduce stress and clear your mind. This will lead to a good night's



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