Q : Can you please tell me if the company called mattress on
line are actually selling your mattress?I have bought two mattress
from them about a week ago. One of them wasa Silentnight Ortho
StarMiracoil 3 No Roll etc. First night we used, we hadthe worst
night's sleep because of movement in this mattress.Each time any
one of us moved even a little, the vibration through the mattress
work the other person up right away.So we put it down to the
mattress. The following nightwe put a3" memory foam topper on the
bed which we were usingon our previous mattress, but it made no
difference. So weput thenew mattress in the plastic bag it came in
and started using the old one. We phoned the company up andI was
told to put my concerns in writing and e-mailthem. SoI did, but the
answerI got from them is horrible. I sent them anothere-mailand
asked them to read my email and then answer my concern. Their reply
was, "that your concern is related to comfort, therefore,
nothingthey can do". I am sorry to let you know and at the same
time asking you to see if these mattress are genuine becauseyou buy
the mattress for your comfort and they do not want to know any of
my concerns. If you wish to see the emails between me and them
please let me know.


A : Mattress on line is a genuine supplier of Silentnight
products. We are sorry that you are not happy with your new
mattress but from what you are saying there does not appear to be a
manufacturing defect with the product, it does seem like a comfort
issue. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides when buying on
line, you are not able to try the bed for comfort before you
purchase it.You have not mentioned in your question what type of
base you have put the mattress on. The type of base you use can
change the overal comfort of the bed. If the mattress is on a
sprungbase, this will act like a shock absorber, whereas there will
be less movement if the mattress is on a solid base.