Q : Can you please inform me of the difference between Miracoil3
and Pocketzing 3. I am looking for a firm mattress but not sure
what model to get.


A : Each row of Miracoil springs is made from a continuous coil
of wire to distribute weight more effectively. The unique "figure
of eight" Miracoil springs gives extra surface coverage and
therefore, more support. Each Miracoil mattress gives you and your
partner the support you need, despite differences in size and
weight. A Miracoil mattress contains twice as many springs as an
ordinary mattress. The springs are concentrated in the centre third
of the bed to give support where it is needed most. The more weight
applied, the more the springs respond providing progressive
support.Miracoil 3 is the most popular sleep range in the UK. It
gives you zoned support that loves your back, pressure relief for a
perfect night's sleep, edge to edge support for extra sleep space
and individual sleep zones for undisturbed sleep. Perfect if you or
your partner don't have any particular sleep problems, prefer a
medium to firm feel.Pocket springs are smaller than open coil
springs and are fitted within fabric pockets, hence the name. These
pockets allow the springs to work independently of each other,
providing individual support and preventing pressure points from
building as you sleep. Pocket sprung mattresses are generally
constructed using higher quality materials and will fit into a
higher price range than the open coil ranges.PocketZing is our
unique pocket spring technology that allows truly independent and
personalised body contouring, eliminating pressure hot spots. A
zoned mattress that offers stronger support around the hips and
more gentle cushioning for shoulders to ensure your spine stays
level all night through.In order that you choose the mattress that
provides you with the best level of support and comfort we would
recommend that you try each of the above, before making a purchase
as each of them has its very own individual feel.