We're always on the hunt for
anything to help get our eight hours per night - and a recent trend
to sweep the nation are sleep teas. These delightful herbal
concoctions have been said to help you drift off to hushabye
mountain when enjoyed before bedtime. 

Camomile Tea

A keen favourite amongst tea drinkers, camomile tea
has a calming effect on the body, leading to a more peaceful sleep. camomile
in its natural form is a white-petalled flower similar to a daisy.
It's sweet and flowery in taste and said to help insomnia, to
promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Valerian Root Tea

Not as commonly known as camomile tea, valerian comes
from the root of the plant and is often combined with other herbs
with sedative effects such as lemon balm. It's been used since the
1700s for its sleep-inducing properties and has a distinct
pine-like aroma. Valerian has been said to help ease both insomnia
and anxiety. 

Peppermint Tea

This minty beverage dates back to Egyptian and Roman
times and can promote restful sleep by relaxing the muscles and
also the mind. Green in appearance and minty to taste, peppermint
tea provides a relaxing experience, bound to send you off into the
land of nod. It's also great for digestion after a large meal!

Lavender Tea

Another tea to lure you into slumber is lavender:
with relaxing and anti-stress properties, the spiky purple flower
is definitely a winner. Although known for its aroma used in
candles and essential oils, lavender has a very floral taste, very
similar to how it smells. Try this one for a relaxing

How to make herbal tea:

  1. Boil your water and pour into
    container: you can use a tea-pot, tea-strainer or French

  2. Put the herbs (fresh or dried)
    into the container and then cover to keep the steam in.

  3. Steep for around 10 minutes,
    before draining and serving.