Trying to conceive a child isn't always a walk
in the park, and with many factors to take into consideration
whilst trying to get pregnant, most women don't realise that sleep
can play a big part in the process. Fertility specialists recommend
that women should aim to get between 8 to 9 hours of sleep every
night to help boost their

fertility levels

Researchers from Kobe, Japan, asked 208 women
who were struggling to get pregnant to complete a survey discussing
their sleep quality. The researchers took into account how many
hours of sleep they get, whether they suffered any disturbances
whilst they slept, use of sleeping medication and how much alcohol
they drank.

The study found that 26.8 per cent of the women
suffered mild sleeping difficulties and 8.2 per cent suffered
severe difficulties whilst trying to sleep. The study also reported
that "Good sleep patterns can be one of the important daily habits
for patients to improve their response to fertility treatments and
increase their chances of pregnancy."

Sleep is essential in order to have a healthy
mind and body. This is because whilst we have our down time
sleeping our bodies are repairing cells and regulating hormones, so
we need the right amount of sleep for bodies to be able to this

Our very own sleep specialist,Dr
, believes a litre and a half of water per
day minimum is essential for great health and a great sleep, as a
minimum. Why not aim for two litres?


A main factor to a good night's sleep is
staying fit and eating well.

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time
, to help your body get into a sleeping
pattern which will after time become a lot easier for you to fall
asleep at a certain time.

Make sure you're in a comfortable
sleeping environment
where you will find it easy to
relax (fresh bedding and a dark room usually does the

Finally, turn your phone off when
you go to bed
to reduce late night social media
temptations and a great night's sleep should hopefully come your

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