The average Briton will have to deal with 12,584 sleepless
nights in their lifetime, a new study has discovered.

Research conducted by hotel chain Premier Inn also discovered
adults typically wake up twice up to four nights a week. This
highlights how many UK adults are failing to enjoy a good sleeping
pattern, which could lead to a range of long-term health

People aim to have seven hours rest every night, but
three-quarters of those polled said they never actually achieve
this. Indeed, one-in-five respondents - 4,000 people were
questioned - admitted they wake up as many as five times a

Some 17 per cent of respondents said they remain in a bad mood for
the rest of the day if they are deprived of sleep.

The number one reason for interrupted snoozing is going to the
toilet, followed by a partner snoring and then the sound of heavy
rain. One-quarter of people said they feel unable to concentrate on
their work because of a lack of sleep, while the same number admits
to being cross and cranky without proper rest.

Claire Haigh of Premier Inn said: "Over 12,000 disturbed nights
over a lifetime sounds a vast figure but it's an affliction many
will be able to relate to. The results show that being tired after
a bad night's sleep can really take its toll on our productivity at
work, our mood and our behaviour towards others."

She added that day-to-day living can be badly affected by poor
slumber and so it is important that bedrooms are as comfortable as
possible. This could involve overhauling the visual look of the

Professor Kevin Morgan from the University of Loughborough
observed sleeping problems are the most commonly reported
psychological symptom in Britain. He added people's health,
relationships and efficiency at work can all be affected by
insufficient rest and so wellbeing could be dramatically improved
in the UK with better sleep.

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