Brits planning to get a good night's sleep have been advised
of some of the most important factors they should be aware

Relaxation coach Andrew Johnson stated the main causes of
individuals failing to get the proper amount of rest each night can
be broken down into five main reasons.

The primary reason Mr Johnson gave for a lack of sleep among Brits
was the fact that many consume high-caffeine drinks late into the
evening, meaning their natural sleep cycle is disrupted by the
stimulant effect of these beverages.

Indeed, people who wish to get a good night's rest are advised by
the Sleep Council to have a hot milky beverage instead of a usual
caffeinated drink, as this is more likely to promote drowsiness and
a restful night's sleep.

Mr Johnson also noted that watching the news after 18:00 can make
people agitated and this is not conducive to relaxation, while
eating late at night can keep people awake for longer.

Individuals who do eat in the evening are more likely to miss out
on restful sleep, as their stomach will be working overtime to
digest the food they have consumed and this can be a significant
factor in keeping people awake for longer.

Furthermore, people looking to have a restful night should be
prepared to change their mattress every few years, with Mr
Johnson noting that Brits will regularly change their car, their
clothes and even move house, but they will keep the same mattress
for decades.

He commented: "Really you need to replace your mattress every three
or four years - that is what the mattress manufacturers will tell
you, but I [also] think it is a very good [piece of advice]."

The final tip from Mr Johnson related to the need to remove
distractions from the bedroom in order to create a peaceful and
relaxing environment. This means taking out electrical items like
TVs and games consoles, as well as decorating the room with
relaxing shades that are more likely to promote a good night's

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