According to a new survey of Britain's sleeping
habits by new alarm clock app iCukoo, women need at least another
15 days extra sleep a year than they currently get compared to men
who feel they are 10 days short of the ideal amount. 

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The latest survey of 2,000 UK adults
by OnePoll showed men claim to get less sleep than women but also
need less time in bed. Overall Britons say they need 7.5 hours
sleep a night but they are actually getting fewer than 7 hours. It
was revealed men are sleeping just 6 hours 40 minutes, making a
loss of 40 minutes a night which, over the course of a year,
reaches 10 days and 3 hours. Whereas women are getting 6 hours 21
minutes a night, with a loss of over an hour a night annually
adding up to 15 days 17 hours. 

The new app iCukoo, which allows
users to donate to a charity of their choice every time they hit
the snooze button on their phone alarm, found that fewer than half
of Britons actually wake up to an alarm clock or phone alarm.
Almost a fifth of people wake naturally, and most of the remainder
are awakened by partners, pets or children.

More men, 11.5%, than women, 9%, are
woken up by their partners, and twice as many women are woken by
children. A quarter of those surveyed by OnePoll said they always
got a good night's sleep, but almost one in five were kept awake by
work worries, and one in eight had their sleep affected by issues
with family or friends.

Our sleep expert, Dr Nerina advises
those who are kept up worrying about work: "Write your to-do list
before leaving work instead of at the beginning of the day. This
stops you worrying about work in the evening and you are less
likely to wake up during the night thinking about tasks that have
to be done the next day." 

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