Daily Exoress


The clocks went back this weekend so
some of us were lucky enough to spend an extra hour in one of our
favourite places: bed! 

Today we've announced the results of
our survey, which found that we are becoming a nation of serial
snoozers, sacrificing two and half days of quality sleep a year to
catch a few extra minutes in bed.

Britain is a Snooze Nation


Our survey of 2,000 people revealed
that 79% of Brits press the snooze button at least once per day,
equating to two and a half days of quality sleep lost over the
course of a year. We also found that nearly half of the nation lie
in for 30 minutes on a weekday.

Surprisingly, the worst snooze
offenders are the over 50s, with 88% admitting to snoozing at least
once every day. However it is the 16-24 year olds who fail to get
up, instead repeatedly hitting the snooze button.

Are you a serial snoozer? How did
you spent that extra hour? Let us know on Facebook and