Bonfire night is preparing to
explode into action. Whilst it's undoubtedly a nationwide
celebration enjoyed by children and adults alike, for some the
party will bring more frustration than festivities. With bonfire
parties often running long after the embers have died down, it's no
surprise we struggle to get a good night's sleep. 

Here at Silentnight we have a few suggestions to help
you and your pets achieve a peaceful sleep on a lively

The Big Bang 

The drama begins early in the
evening, with confused and frightened pets. The bang of the
firework stimulates your pet's central nervous system, triggering a
basic instinct to run and take cover from unidentified loud

Keep calm and try to remain consistent with your
usual behaviour and routine. If you are overly attentive, your pet
will pick up on this and assume their fear is warranted. Keep them
distracted, play with them, try to tire them out - and then curl up
on the sofa with a noisy, action-packed film. This may ease the
surprise of those sporadic outside noises.

Fewer s'mores if you want some

Put in the time preparing for a
solid night's sleep and avoid giving into the temptation of those
naughty, sugary treats. Instead, opt for foods that will encourage
your body to create more of the sleep hormone melatonin: cherries,
almonds and chicken top the list of sleep-inducing foods. Camomile
tea is a centuries-old sleep aid, renowned for its relaxing
qualities. Although we're still awaiting robust human trials or
scientific evidence to back up this theory, there certainly won't
be any damage caused from a 
warm cuppa before bed.

Sound proof your dreams

White noise can help create a
consistent sound that may help mask the fireworks and other jarring
sounds that shock you awake and disturb your sleep. Try keeping a
fan on or playing the radio on a low volume, which will serve to
distract your mind.  Alternatively, invest in a pair of
high-quality ear plugs!


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