The secret to a great night's sleep lies in our carefully
considered bed making process.

A great deal of care and attention goes into the manufacture of
each Silentnight bed and mattress. Our bed-making process is still
relatively traditional but we embrace new technology if and when we
believe it improves our product. From testing and manufacture, to
delivery and recycling, we put exceptional craftsmanship at the
heart of all we do.

A bit about our Heritage and future

TruckThe original
Silentnight factory was located in Skipton just down the canal. In
1949 we moved production to our current site, which was previously
a woollen mill. We always have been, and always will be committed
to providing exceptional quality products and a safe and
encouraging working environment for all our employees. Our aim is
to provide a great night's sleep for all our customers.

Testing our products

Silentinght mattress type is tested regularly to make sure it
exceeds all British Standards, (they require only 2 tests, we do
5!) Our Roller test simulates 10 years of use - it measures height
before and after testing to see how much loss of support is
expected on the mattress springs and fillings.


Test2We also use
thermal imaging cameras to monitor people on beds to see where heat
is distributed and fire regulations are strictly adhered to. When
other manufacturers are guessing about the faults people find in
their products, we know, because we have the facilities to find the
problem and more importantly to rectify it.

Our manufacturing Process

Test3The materials
for our mattresses are delivered to one side of the factory and the
materials for our divans are delivered to the other. This ensures
that all processes are kept separate and run smoothly.

Our staff work in sections and every staff member changes their
role regularly during a shift, to give them variety and enhance
their skills..

Our Mattress Borders

section concentrates on stitching materials together to create the
side strips for our divan bases and mattresses. A lot of the
stitching has to be done by hand because the feel and give of the
fabric is crucial in getting the stitch right.

Our unique Spring Systems

Our spring systems are built down the road from the factory and
transported across as needed on a daily basis


Our Mattress Lids

manufacture 3 types of mattress lids; Microquilted, Tufted and Deep
quilted. Different Mattress compositions mean different depths
(dependant on the number of comfort layers), so to keep a
consistent depth of edge, all Silentnight mattress lids are



production2All our
mattresses also have practical rounded corners and we are now able
to create more interesting and comfortable patterns on the top of
our mattresses. Once a Silentnight mattress has been layered up, it
needs to be tufted together - this is done with extremely strong
nylon tufts. The mattress is compressed by a machine, then the tuft
it threaded through. (Any wasted material from the tufts is sent
back to manufacturer to be reformed and reused.)

Our divan bases and headboards


We are also fully certified by the Forest Stewardship
Council® (FSC®) FSC - C104461.  





The upholstering of our frames is also done manually. We also
have a wide range of upholstered headboard designed and handcrafted
for each bed

Cleaning and wrapping our products

Every Silentnight mattress and divan is passed through a blower
and vacuum to ensure it is in perfect condition before it is
wrapped by a machine, which automatically adjusts to each shape and
size mattress that passes through. Every mattress, divan or
headboard is then logged in the warehouse ready for delivery.

Silentnight's commitment to quality and to the environment

strongly believe in the quality of our products, which is why we
guarantee every one for 5 years. We will always take an ethical
approach to running our business. We understand our dependence and
impact upon the world, and recognise the importance of sound
environmental management for the future. Due to our commitment to
social, economic and environmental sustainability across our
business, we've been given full membership of the Furniture
Industry Sustainability Programme. Looking after the planet is the
responsibility of us all, we're proud to play our part by
continuing to reduce our energy consumption and Carbon