Behavioural problems in children caused by a lack of quality
sleep could be eased with new machines that keep airwaves in the
throat open throughout the night.

The new positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines keep throat
airways open and help to alleviate the daytime problems caused by
obstructive sleep apnoea, which is a condition caused by an
obstruction in the airway such as oversized tonsils or

The findings appear in the American Journal of Respiratory and
Critical Care Medicine, and researcher Carol Marcus, professor of
paediatrics at the Children's Hospital of
Philadelphia commented: "The main message is that treatment,
although it may be difficult to tolerate, can result in a
significant improvement in childhood behaviour symptoms and quality
of life."

According to the research, three hours of extra sleep during the
night can make a big difference in how children behave during the
day. The test showed positive correlations between a good night's
sleep and behavioural aspects throughout the day. All children
showed improvements in attention, behaviour, sleepiness, and
quality of life when they wore the mask while sleeping.

Sleep is as important in adults' behavioural changes as it is in
children's, and a lack of quality sleep leaves us drowsy and unable
to concentrate the next day. If sleep deprivation continues,
hallucinations and mood swings may develop and neurons also become
depleted, leading to a lack of energy in the day.

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