Most people rely on their morning
routines to kickstart their day smoothly, but a bedtime routine is
just as important to help you unwind. 

Learning to relax can be difficult, but these bedtime
rituals will help you switch off in time for a good night's

sleepy lady

Loose yourself in a

Let your mind escape the daily
stresses and let yourself unwind with a good book. Reading has all
sorts of positive effects on the brain. By reading as little as one
paragraph it can induce a positive dreamy slumber and improve the
quality of your sleep.


One of the most common nighttime
rituals is a hot drink. Famously people sip on a milky hot
chocolate, but kicking back after a long day with a herbal tea can
be a better answer to inducing a sleepy like state. Working as a
natural relaxant, hot herbal drinks let your body know it's wind
down time. 

Wash Away

Every once in a while we've all been
guilty of being too tired to take off your makeup and have woken up
with mascara smeared down our face. Our skin is exposed to hundreds
of toxins on a daily basis maintaining a great skin care routine
before bed really helps towards getting a refreshing night's sleep.
Wash, cleanse, tone and hydrate to repair and prepare. Trust us
your pillow will never feel so good!

Check out why you should never sleep
with your makeup on here. 


Tub time

Everyone knows the key to relaxing
is a hot bath at the end of a long day. Time in the tub has been
scientifically proven to help increase the length of your beauty
sleep. Our body temperatures actually decrease at night. By raising
it with a hot bath and then stepping out, you cause a rapid fall of
internal temperature which sends signals to your brain and body
that it's time to sleep. 


Like many, we've been guilty of
taking our work home with us. The stress of tomorrow can often
leave you tossing and turning, so it's a good idea to create an
action plan to help you unwind. Write down three of the most
important things you have to get done tomorrow, allowing you to
subconsciously push them from your mind and get to sleep more

Although this may not be feasible
for many, with a lot of our work lives spent sat in front of a
glowing screen, one place we can look to banish tech from is the
bedroom. Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, our resident sleep expert says; "Too
long online means you can't switch off, even having your phone
flashing on your bedside table will keep your mind and body on
alert therefore keeping you awake for longer. It is important to
take time out relax away from technology before you go to bed to
ensure you have the best possible night's sleep".

Settle your little

Settling the children and having some 'me' time
should be an important part of your evening. You need time to relax
from the daily stresses and this can't be done with the kids
running around your feet or with cartoons on. A bedtime routine is
equally as important to your child's sleep as it is your own,
especially in the summer. Check out our top tips for your little
summer sleep routine here. 

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