People need to be physically and mentally relaxed before they
try to nod off.

This is the expert opinion of Andrew Johnson, relaxation coach at, who recommends some gentle exercise before
going to bed, as he thinks this helps
the body to calm down.

Mr Johnson also pointed out that having a hot bath can prepare a
person for slumber, especially if they have had a stressful

"Physical pain and discomfort is always magnified when you are
trying to get to sleep. It isn't necessarily the relaxation of
sleep that is making the pain worse, it is in relation to the rest
of you," he added.

The specialist went on to note part of the problem of modern
society is that people are always contactable. Thanks to TVs,
mobile phones and social media, individuals do not get enough time
to switch off.

He thinks that because of this, individuals are left bewildered,
bemused and dazzled and therefore only get a chance to process
information when they go to bed.

In terms of relaxation techniques, Mr Johnson recommends taking
ten to 15 minutes every day and letting their mind wander. If
people are worrying about problems in their life for too long, this
will lead to anxiety developing.

A healthy sleeping pattern is also essential if they want to avoid
being grumpy and miserable. Sammy Margo, a sleep expert and author
of The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide for Kids, noted disrupted rest can cause
problems in the long term if it is not addressed.

She observed there is a strong link between depression and sleep
deprivation and so it is a situation that people want to get a hold
of. Weight gain and poor memory are two other problems that
individuals can suffer with if they do not get enough sleep and so
a person should make sure they have the right bed in order to nod
off easily at night.

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