The BBC has come under fire today
after it rejected complaints that extending the hours of its
flagship children's channel will disrupt families evenings and
children's bedtime routines. 


boy watching tv


 The organisation has hold parents that it is
their responsibility to stop children staying up too late.


 CBBC sees over a million viewers tune in every
day to the channel which is aimed at children aged between six and
twelve years. The 7pm cut-off time was often seen as a useful start
to the bedtime routine.


 The Trust admitted there was considerable
opposition to the expansion of CBBC. "9pm was regarded as too late
for younger children to be watching TV and that they should either
be in bed or preparing for bed," it said. "There was also a belief
that extending the viewing hours of CBBC to 9pm would undermine
other valuable activities such as family time, hobbies and


 The BBC views CBBC as important in making sure
it is still relevant to future generations. Some respondents to the
public consultation said longer hours for CBBC would allow children
aged between 10 and 16, who often stay up later than 7pm, to watch
programmes "suitable for children".


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