An Australian dad is helping parents around the world
after uploading a life-changing trick to YouTube that is his secret
to getting his baby to sleep in just 42 seconds.

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Nathan Dailo's cure to sleepless
nigh ts is simple and all you need is a tissue.

The dad simply slides a piece of
tissue over his baby son's face repeatedly until he nods

The adorable clip has already
received over 140,000 views and is likely to be a huge hit with
sleep-deprived mums and dads. Watch the full video here

If this doesn't work for you, our
own sleep expert, Dr. Nerina, has great sleep tips for new parents

- Use some white noise to block out
the sound of every whimper and avoid being hypersensitive to noise.
You can buy white noise machines or use a fan to create background

- Use a low-level bedside lamp. The
less time you are exposed to light, the easier it will be to get
back to sleep again

- Every new mother should power nap and naps should
last between 5 and 15 minutes. This way you will approach a near
sleep state without actually falling asleep

For more sleep tips visit out Sleep Toolkit here