With July set to break records for the hottest
weather in seven years and the mercury creeping up above 30'C, more
and more people are struggling to sleep at night. Silentnight's
sleep expert, Dr Nerina, offers her advice to make sure you get the
rest you need, despite rising temperatures.


Dr Nerina said; "Ideally, in order for us to sleep
well, there needs to be a fractional temperature difference between
our body and our brain - a warm body and a cool head! This is
going to be challenging for many of us at the moment so here are
some tips to keep cool, and help you get to sleep in the heat:


    1. Keep a plant mister containing water by your bed to
      spray on your face during the night


    1. Stop your bedroom over-heating during the day by
      keeping curtains and blinds closed


    1. Wash your feet with cold water before getting into
      bed, and/or run your wrists under cold water


    1. Place a wet flannel in the fridge for an hour or so
      before getting into bed and lay it on your forehead to help you
      drift off to sleep


    1. Sleep in cool wet socks or even a damp T-shirt


    1. Use a fan and place it so that it is blowing the
      air over a tray of ice - this will cool the room down as the ice


    1. Use light bed clothes/pajamas and bed sheets


    1. Sleep in the lower part of the house which tends to
      be cooler


    1. Chill your pillow case in the freezer before
      getting into bed.


    1. Finally, and most importantly stay well hydrated
      during the day and don't fret too much if you can't sleep. Use the
      time to rest and think positive thoughts, then you will be extra
      productive the day after!


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