Didn't sleep well last night? That's
probably because you're suffering from 'Sunday-somnia'.


Millions of Britons are tossing and
turning at the end of the weekend as they dread the working week

One in five of us finds it nigh on
impossible to nod off with Monday morning looming large, with 56
per cent of those who are sleepless on the Sabbath getting less
than four hours.

Jason Ellis, professor of sleep
science at Northumbria University, said we need about eight hours
of shut-eye a night to feel the full restorative benefits. The
average Briton has six-and-a-half hours.

'While having too little sleep every
now and then won't have a massive impact, consistently not getting
quite enough sleep, combined with one night a week of very little
sleep, will have a significant impact on health, alertness and
general mood,' Prof Ellis said.

'Sunday-somnia is something I see a
lot and it is important that individuals deal with the issues
surrounding the sleep deprivation so that it doesn't have a
knock-on effect on sleep later in the week.'

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