asleep at desk

More and more women are owning up to
too scared to spend the night alone at
. This story came to light recently when two mums
from Kirkby Lonsdale and Bristol admitted they felt anxious when
their family left the house. 

 Amy Carol admitted that if her husband goes
away for the night, she will go to her parents' house or get them
to visit her for the evening. Amy admits she's embarrassed by her
fear of being alone but it's so all-consuming that she has not
spent a single night without company in the seven years since she
met and moved in with her husband. Although she lived alone before
she met Richard, she admits her anxiety was so intense she
frequently had trouble sleeping. 

 Amy said, "I used to go to sleep with music on,
or stay up late watching TV. Whenever I bought a flat, I always
needed to know the street was well-lit and I could park in front or
get a bus nearby". 

 If you find yourself suffering from this kind
of anxiety, you are not alone. Social media and parenting sites are
full of information from women confessing their fears of spending a
night on their own, to the point where they are making themselves

 Kelly George confessed she cannot sleep until
her husband gets home, and dreads the thought of her husband ever
spending the night away. Even when Kelly was in her 20s and her
flatshare friend went on holiday, she'd put the television on a
timer so it would stay on while she drifted off to sleep. She
hardly slept and had to take time off work to catch up during the

 Rachel Dawkins said 'I never have a decent
night's sleep if Wes is away and I usually have the television on,
turned up loud so if someone was to break in they would think there
were a lot of people there. I also keep my phone by my side, fully
charged in case I need to ring someone.'

 What do you think about alone-a-phobia? Do you
struggle to sleep when home alone or value the peace and quiet? Let
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