As parents we all share one common
goal, to keep our littles ones as safe as

Recent research completed by the American Academy of
Paediatrics has revealed that a huge majority of parents are
putting their babies to sleep in risky environments. Common risks
included positioning children too young on their sides or stomachs,
or placing them to sleep on surfaces that are too soft. 

safety cot 

We know your babies safety is your
first priority, so we've compiled our three safety suggestions for
putting your baby to sleep safely. It's as easy as

A is for

First and foremost we recommend that your little one
should always be put to sleep alone, in an empty cot. Research revealed that a whopping 87
- 93 percent of children had potentially dangerous items in their
cots such as loose blankets, stuffed toys or bumper pads. The
important thing to remember is to remove anything that could
potentially cover your babies mouth. A clear cot is a safe sleeping

B is for

You should make sure your baby is sleeping on their
back unless instructed otherwise for medical reasons, as this is
the safest position. A firm sleep surface, such as a cot bed
mattress is also the safest and most comfortable way for your child
to sleep soundly, without rolling about. Check out our Safe
Nights Cot Bed range here
, which are designed to ensure
your little ones have a safe and comfortable night's sleep while
they grow. Each mattress provides the ideal environment to maintain
optimum temperature throughout the night, and highly breathable
materials for added safety. In fact our Safe Nights Memory Wool cot-bed mattress has
just been awarded the Platinum Award for the best safety
product from Loved By Parents.

C is for

A baby should always go to sleep in a cot. The safest
place for your little one at night is in the same room as you, but
recommended in their own cot or moses basket. Although co-sleeping
has been debated as the answer to a good night's sleep, some health
experts believe it can pose potential dangers. However, if you're
thinking of co-sleeping with your baby we have outlined some
safety guidelines here

Whether you are pro or anti co-sleeping, what
everyone will agree on as a new-parent is that you will be tired.
Our sleep expert Dr Nerina urges parents to nap during the day and
to take it in turns with your partner to check on the baby if they
wake up.

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