The Royal Society for Public Health
(RSPH) has released a report today revealing that we lose one
night's sleep every week.

sleepy desk

The findings revealed that the average person is
losing one hour's sleep every night, equating to an entire night's
sleep a week. 

The poll of 2,000 adults found that we now sleep for
an average 6.8 hours a night, compared with the 7.7 hours that
experts recommend. 

Following this, the RSPH is calling for the
government to create a national sleep strategy, including a
'slumber number' to advise people of how many hours a night they
should be getting - an idea we greatly support. 

RSPH Chief Executive, Shirley Cramer said, "Good
sleep can cure many of the public's ills, and lack of it is linked
to a string of unhealthy behaviours and some of our leading
preventable diseases". 

"Despite this, sleep is an often overlooked and
undervalued component in the public's health. It is clear that the
public regard sleep as just as important as maintaining a balanced
diet or an active lifestyle for maintaining good health and
wellbeing, and we need to do more to promote its

Following our recent work with University of
 we know that the UK suffers from dangerously
low levels of sleep, with many of us getting as little as five
hours per night. 

Our research found that 25% of 30 to 50 year olds are
dissatisfied with their sleep. Dr Anna Weighall, University of
Leeds, believes that the British population is in debt to their
bedtime and in line with today's RSPH findings - discovered that we
lose a minimum of one hour per night.

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