Public Health England are launching
a new government marketing campaign to encourage adults between the
ages of 40 and 60 to spend more time sleeping, to help them live a
more healthy lifestyle and boost the nation's overall


 The new marketing campaign aims to persuade
middle-aged adults to make seven lifestyle changes including
drinking less, exercising more, stopping smoking, improving their
diet, reducing stress, checking for common signs and symptoms of
disease and spending more time sleeping.


 Public Health England (PHE) will be using
posters, advertisements and social media to encourage adults to
make these changes, describing the campaign as a way to 'speak
holistically' to adults in mid-life.


 According to the Sleep Council, more than a
third of the population sleep for less than six hours a night,
which raises a persons risk of early death by 12%. Not only this,
but a lack of sleep can also be linked to other serious illnesses
such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.


 A spokesperson for PHE said: "Only 20-30% of
what we think of as 'ageing' is biological, the rest is 'decay' or
'deterioration' which can be actively managed or prevented."


 Doctors, including our own Dr. Nerina, are
increasingly concerned that the growing use of mobiles and laptops
in bed is having a damaging effect on the nations sleeping


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 Last month, a study found that persistent, poor
quality sleep could mean you are up to four times more likely to
suffer from a stroke as well as having more than twice the risk of
suffering from a heart attack. Derk-Jan Dijk of Surrey University
approved the decision to concentrate on the middle-aged, saying:
"It is that group that are the most sleep-deprived, probably
because of greater occupational and family demands."


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