Q : After staying at my sister-in-laws and finding their guest
bed so comfortable we have been hunting for the same mattress. On
the label it just said Silentnight Miracoil 7 Memory. I am
struggling because there now seems to be more than 1 type of this
mattress and some retailers have their own names for the same
thing? The stockists I have contacted do not have the mattresses in
stock to try. We would want the miracoil 7 with memory foam, cirrus
air flow and anti allergy but I can't see the difference between
carina dream, jupiter, venus or breeze. Is there a large
silentnight stockist in the midlands that may have theses different
mattresses to try?


A : The Carina Dream is a Miracoil 7 Pocket mattress with memory
foam. Miracoil springs are combined withluxurious pocket springs
for more targeted support.Breeze is a Miracoil 7 mattress without
the additional mini pockets.Jupiter has been specially designed for
bedstead frames and has a sturdy non-slip base.Venus is not a
memory foam mattress but is also suitable for use with a
bedstead.For details of your nearest retailers please use the
stockist search facility on the website