Did you know that the average UK
adult now spends more time per day using media and communication
devices (eight hours 41 minutes) than they do sleeping (eight hours
21 minutes - UK average)*?


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Our own research even found that
Brits spent more time each morning checking emails (51%) and using
the internet, than eating breakfast (18%) or taking care of their
appearance (32%). 


This heavy use of technology impacts
on our sleep, as browsing the internet and social media before you
go to bed overloads the 'working memory' of the brain, leading to
noisy, thought-filled sleep.


To help improve the nation's sleep
our resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, advises turning off
all tech at least 60-90 minutes before going to sleep in order to
give the mind time to wind down. 


Dr Nerina comments: "75% of people
in the UK are not getting a good night's sleep. As people increase
the volume of technology in their homes, there are more
distractions to keep them awake at night, reducing the amount of
quality sleep they receive. Checking emails, social media channels
and browsing the internet keeps the brain working, making it more
difficult to finally switch off and fall asleep."


Why not try following these handy
tips from Dr Nerina to create a wind down routine that will improve
the quality of sleep? 


Read a book or listen to relaxing
music - choose fiction over work-related reading materials or
self-help books


Have a bath and use some relaxing
essential oils such as lavender to help promote


Switch off tech devices and avoid
checking your emails or social media accounts 90 minutes before
going to bed - put you phone, laptop and tablets away!


Find more helpful tips from Dr.
Nerina here


*Statistic provided by Ofcom
Communications Market Report 2014


Remember that apart from switching off your tech devices, a next step to to a good night's sleep is a quality mattress - for instance a geltex one or a memory foam mattress, which will be responsive and will nicely support your body.