When it comes to getting ready for the school run, are you sick
of the constant battle to get your little one up and dressed in
time? As we head into the final school term, we've come up with
some creative ways you can make the mornings a little easier and
wake your children up with ease.

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  1. Bring a pet in with you to wake them up

    The family pet can always tempt your little one, especially if it
    is full of energy and wants to play. Plus there's no better wake up
    than a sloppy kiss off the family dog. 

  2. Offer rewards for waking up

    There's nothing more exciting for a child than being rewarded with
    a treat. Stocking up on their favourite breakfast cereals may be
    the answer to getting them out of bed five minutes earlier. 

  3. Introducing music when waking them up

    Try putting a radio in their room so they can listen to some of
    their favourite songs whilst getting ready for school. You could
    even check out some specific wake up playlists online to get them
    in the right frame of mind for the day of learning

  4. Allow some natural light in the

    We all know there's nothing worse than being woken up by the
    curatins being flung open and daylight flooding in. By opening the
    curtains half way ten minutes before they are due to get up can
    encourage them to wake up more naturally and of their own

  5. Always keep a smile on your face

    Although patience can wear thin during the morning school run, be
    patient as it may only result in your child resisting

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