This week,
The Sun
reported on how the average Brit
only gets 47 minutes of peace and quiet a day. The research, which
was conducted by British Gypsum, stated that 'six in 10 people
think that the only time they enjoy complete silence is when
they're in bed.' As it may be the most peaceful part of your day,
it's important to make your bedtime routine as relaxing as
possible. Meditation, essential oils and deep breathing are just
some of the things that can calm your body and help you get a good,
peaceful night's sleep.


We decided to run our own poll on Twitter to see how much peace
and quiet you get. Here's what we found...


poll peace


47 minutes exactly


Maybe it's 48 minutes, maybe it's 49. Whatever
the case, 0 per cent of people who took part voted for


Way less than 47 mins!


27 per cent of those who took part said that
they get way less than 47 minutes of peace and quiet a day. If
you're struggling to relax, meditation is a great way to relax your


What peace and quiet?


We feel sorry for the 34 per cent of voters who
don't even know what peace and quiet is! Due to motherhood, work
and increasingly busy lifestyles it's not hard to guess why many
people don't get time to themselves any more.


At least and hour or so


Even though it isn't long, one hour is much
better than 47 minutes. 39 per cent of people who took part in the
poll, stated that they get at least an hour of peace and quiet a
day. It's important to make some time for yourself to sit back and
relax. If you've recently had a baby, and you're struggling to
sleep, check out our
top sleep tips for new mums


At night, try to make some time for yourself and establish a
good relaxation routine. Check out Dr Nerina's
for her advice on relaxing and getting a good night's


What are your secrets to getting some peace and quiet? Let us
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