A new study has found that some 40.6 million workers in
America, or around 30 per cent of the country's workforce,
under-sleep by at least two hours per night.

CDC carried out the study, which found that almost a third of
American workers are getting six hours or less sleep every day.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should be
sleeping between seven and nine hours per day, which means that
most workers could be losing out on two hours sleep every

The most effected by sleep deprivation are those who work in
careers such as transportation, in a warehouse or in health care
centres, where workers are often required to work shifts at night.
But recent reports also showed that financial sector workers could
be sleep deprived, based on the fact that they are

A tired workforce can have severe implications on the economy, not
to mention the personal health effects it also has. Researcher Sara
Luckhaupt, who is a medical officer in the division of
surveillance, hazard evaluations, and field studies at the National
Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Washington DC said:
"If a person doesn't get the recommended amount of sleep, they are
at increased risk of injuries that could affect them or the general
public if they are a commercial driver."

Figures support this analysis, with reports showing that 20 per
cent of car crashes are the result of drowsy drivers. Those who
work night shifts could be particularly vulnerable to road
accidents, based on the fact that they generally sleep the least in
comparison with their daytime counterparts.

A new report found that 44 per cent of people who work the night
shift lacked the right amount of sleep. This compares to almost 29
per cent of people who work during the day, with people aged 30 to
44 making up the age group most likely to be sleep deprived.

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