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Although we may try to deny it, we
all snore once in a while. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, up
to 40 per cent of middle aged men snore and 28 per cent of women do

If snoring happens frequently in your bedroom,
whether you're the 'snorer' or the one being woken up by it, this
annoying habit may well be affecting the quality and quantity of

The first step to stopping snoring is acceptance.
Identifying exactly what type of a snorer you are means you can
find the ideal resolution for you. There are four types of snorer,
mouth based, tongue based, nose snoring and throat snoring. The
good news is that no matter what type you are, there is a solution
to relieve each one of them!

How to stop snoring and kick the

  1. Three of the main causes of being
    a snoring culprit are being overweight, smoking and drinking
    alcohol. Which of these are you guilty of?

    It may sound like a chore, but dropping a few pounds or decreasing
    the amount you're smoking or drinking can have a huge affect on
    your snoring in the long run.

    Want to wake up feeling rested?
    Avoid alcohol before bed

  2. Establish a
    bedtime routine
    . Creating a regular
    sleep pattern, ensuring you're getting enough sleep and not
    becoming overtired can often minimise snoring. 

  3. Sleep on your back? If this is the
    case try changing position and sleep on your side. If this isn't a
    sleeping position
    for you, try raising
    your pillows. This will help keep your airways open by supporting
    your neck.

    If you're fed up of the snorer in your bed, try attaching tennis
    balls to the back of their pjs!

  4. Do you sleep with your window
    open? Try keeping the air in your bedroom as clean, clear and moist
    as possible. If you suffer with
    try to keep dust and pet
    hair to a minimum in the bedroom. Dry air can also irritate the
    nose and throat causing difficulty in breathing clearly. Using a
    nasal strip or decongestant will help you breathe more easily while

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