Every once in a while we're sure
you've all been guilty of being too tired to take off your makeup
and have woken up with mascara smeared down your face. In fact, a
recent survey by the Daily Mail revealed that a third of us sleep
with our slap on twice a week.

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As part of #SkinCareAwarenessWeek we
wanted to highlight 3 sleeping with makeup on facts, that will
definitely make you want to remove your makeup every night.

  1.  It can cause spots! 
    Your face naturally picks up dirt throughout the day.
    From touching your face with your hands to getting sweaty in the
    gym, your makeup will hold onto dirt, oil and dead skin cells which
    are produced throughout the day.

    Sleeping in your makeup means that your face will hold onto this
    dirt which will clog up your pores causing blackheads and those
    dreaded spots.

    Even if you don't have time to cleanse, tone and moisturise every
    night, a quick makeup wipe is better than nothing and will do the
    trick quickly. Try leaving a pack by the side of your bed to make this an easy part of your
    bedtime routine. 


  2. It can cause infection

    Although foundation is the worst makeup to sleep in for
    your skin, eye makeup is the biggest culprit for causing

    Leftover eyeshadow will clog up the glands and follicles
    on your eyelids, causing infections such as styes. In addition to
    this, mascara and eyeliner are equally as damaging as they can get
    into your eyes and cause irritation and infection. Not only this
    but left-on mascara will cause your eyelashes to become more
    brittle, meaning that they'll fall out quicker!

    Try using an oil based cleanser to remove you eye makeup, it will
    help dissolve the products easily, even waterproof!


  3. It will damage your lips

    Many lipsticks and lip-glosses contain drying waxes which
    can dry your lips of their natural moisture. Sleeping in lipstick
    will also cause the pores around your lips to clog creating small

    Remove your lipstick every night and try applying a hydrating lip
    balm to rejuvenate your lips giving them a soft and smooth

Should you go makeup free?

For many, the thought of going makeup free is a
daunting one. However if it meant that your complexion looked
better in the long run would you consider it? 

Going a few days without your daily cosmetic routine
will allow your skin to breathe and decongest from any built up
dirt thats clogging up your pores. Take a look how style writer @rosycherrington
from The Huffington Post went makeup free for a week

Do you always take your makeup off before you go to
bed? Share your bedtime ritual with us on Twitter!