Some 29 per cent of Britons are not functioning properly for
four hours after they wake up.

Research by the New Zealand Honey Co has uncovered the extent to
which some people in the UK struggle early in the day. The morning
habits of 2,000 employees were surveyed and it was found the
average adult gets up at 06.30 BST for work.

One-in-five people hit the snooze button three times or more
before rising, which shows that some are not getting adequate rest.
If they are looking to improve their slumber, then a new bed or mattress could make a

A good start to the

Although 38 per cent of respondents picked out breakfast as the
most important meal of the day, 33 per cent admitted to skipping it
at least four times a week. This is not advisable, as people could
find their concentration levels waning unless they consume enough

Instead, 75 per cent said they look to caffeinated products to get
their morning energy boost, despite the fact a cup of coffee is not
a suitable substitute for a nourishing breakfast.

Getting the right amount of

Conventional wisdom dictates that adults need eight hours of sleep
a night in order to feel fully refreshed in the morning. However,
only 30 per cent of women said they manage to have this much
shut-eye on a nightly basis and this could explain why 29 per cent
of ladies admit to being grumpy in the morning.

Brits have found themselves involved in a number of morning
misdemeanours because they are virtually sleepwalking through the
start of the day. These include forgetting car or house keys,
burning toast and spilling coffee on their clothes.

Once individuals make it to work, they could find they are not
able to concentrate properly because of tiredness. This highlights
the importance of a good night's sleep and so some people may be
tempted to splash out on a memory foam mattress in an effort to get
better rest.

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