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The Meaning of Dreams

From recurring situations to seeing familiar faces, we're always researching dreams and how they can affect sleep.

As well as looking at the meaning of dreams, such as your teeth falling out or being chased by snakes, your dreams can also highlight patterns and affect the way you act the following day.

Working closely with our sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan we have highlighted some of the UK's most popular dream situations and what they mean.

Recurring dreams

If you are going to bed and frequently experience the same dream, this could be related to a learning or message that you need to work out but aren't quite getting.

Dr Nerina advises; 

"Try writing the dream down in a journal and ask it to reveal its meaning to you. Look for clues in the situation and see if they match up with anything happening in your life. By writing it down, you can compare each dream and spot any changes to help work out the learning.


With recurring dreams, we cannot always expect instant answers and it can take time to receive the answers. The recurring dream might be a subconscious fear that we don't need to have anymore".

Vivid Dreams

Sometimes, we remember dreams so vividly that they could be confused as reality. Other times, we don't remember a thing.

Dr Nerina expands;

"We all dream but everyone has a different capacity for dream recall. Some scientists believe that it's related to empathy, and highly empathetic people remember dreams more readily. Creative people certainly dream a lot and are more able to remember their dreams. We can improve on our ability to remember our dreams by writing them down".


Hypnagogic Jerks

Many people experience a sharp falling sensation just before they fall asleep. No one truly knows what causes it to happen but it is estimated that up to 70 percent of people experience them occasionally.

Dr Nerina explains that;

"This is known as a hypnagogic jerk and is related to the release of tension that you've accumulated throughout the day. It is often related to letting go and allowing yourself to relax".

Seeing people you know without a face

Some people dream about their friends and family but can't see their faces clearly. This is related to an emotional aspect of your relationship to that person, not their physical appearance.

Dr Nerina expands;

"We can't dream of people we've never seen as our brains cannot create new faces. Often in dreams, the level of details is hazy so we might have a clear sense of who the person is but we don't actually see them. This is also because our brain doesn't prioritise this level of detail.

Do you have a question on dreams?

Whether it's repetition, understanding why we dream or running away from your fears, ask Dr Nerina questions on your dreams at Sleep Matters.

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