The secret to a great night's sleep

Which social media platform leaves the nation the most sleep deprived?

A few years ago, one of the only ways we'd use our mobile phones in the bedroom was for a simple alarm call in the morning. With increasingly popular social media platforms becoming part of daily life, it seems that they are having a bigger impact on our sleep than ever before. Are we becoming a nation of social media addicts? Silentnight surveyed 2000 UK adults to get the inside information on whether social media really is keeping us awake at night or not.

It may surprise you to learn that Snapchat is the platform which leaves users the most sleep deprived. Could this be the feeling of FOMO inspired by Snapchat's 24 hour snap-story visibility? Or are we just addicts to the inside look at celebrities hidden lives, away from the media? Whatever it is, 68% of the 2000 people surveyed admitted that Snapchat was the most disruptive to their sleeping pattern.

Another statistic we pulled from the Silentnight social media sleep survey, was that shockingly, more than half of Instagram users say they wake up in the night to check the platform! That's a lot of people losing sleep over their friends food and animal images.

With so much social media disturbing the nation's sleep, is it possible to live a life with a better 'tech-life balance'?

Here are a few tips to get your started:

Don't just restrict night time use

We're all too used to reaching for our phones more often than we even realise throughout the day. If you could count the amount of times you simply light up the screen to ensure you've not missed a notification, we can guarantee it will be more times than you'd ever have thought of! Try to really pay attention to the amount of times you check your phone each day and if it's more than you thought, then your first step is to restrict your day time use a little at a time. By doing this you'll be in better habit to step away from your phone at night.

Turn on airplane mode

If you still need to use your phone for the alarm, then try switching it on to airplane mode before you settle in to bed. This way, you will be able to hear the alarm go off, but you won't be disturbed by messages or notifications coming through unexpectedly! A lot of people swear by this method, so give it a go for 3 days and see if it makes any improvement to your nightly routine.

Switch to the classic phone call!

A lot of us use evening time to catch up with friends and family over messaging apps and social media - but why not kick it old school and actually have a phone call instead! You'll find yourselves talking about a great deal more, on a more personal level, and avoiding staring at the screen for hours on end in a text conversation. When was the last time you called a loved one?

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