The secret to a great night's sleep

Coffee and sleep: Can they ever be friends?

Often called the most popular 'drug' in the world, coffee itself has become almost a ritual, consumed the world-over after waking up in the morning or to stave off sleep - and keep up alertness during the day. It sounds great, but as any layman will tell you, sleep and coffee: they're mutually exclusive.

Whilst this might have some truth, and yes, coffee and sleep in one sentence does sound just a little bit controversial, this doesn't have to be the case. Below is one helpful way of thinking about them that might just bring the world of coffee, and sleep together in one zen-like balance.

Know when to take coffee

Experts recommend limiting yourself to 300 to 400 milligrams a day as a daily allowance. A typical serving of the instant sensation at home, is around 60 to 200 milligrams and they reckon that it typically takes around six to seven hours for coffee to leave your system. So the key here, is to know when you should be taking coffee. Drinking coffee during (or as) your breakfast is fine. But keep in mind, once the caffeine leaves your body in a few hours, you'll probably feel the slump.

This is where being tactical with coffee comes in...

Armed with the knowledge that it takes around six to seven hours for caffeine to leave your system, you should try to drink coffee so that its wearing off, coincides with your bed time. This way you can ensure that during the day, you're awake and in tip-top shape. But that when it comes to finally winding down, you're in a great position to put yourself in that blissful place of sleep because of the caffeine-slump. To sum up in a few words: know how much, and when you should be taking coffee.

So you see, coffee and sleep really can co-exist, and if you play your cards right they can even become friends.

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