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7 Unusual Places to sleep around the world

Are the cold, short days inspiring day dreams of your next holiday? If your life is being swamped with work, or you're just feeling the travel bug, then step outside and discover 7 of the most unusual places to sleep across the globe!

Up in the air

Regarded as one of the most exclusive hotel suites in Costa Rica, guests can grace the skies in a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe. Based at the Hotel Costa Verde, this two bedroom luxury jet complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, dining room and a terrace view not only offers jungle views but a beautiful view of the ocean. Guests can even mingle amongst the locals including the toucans, sloths and monkeys.

Delving down

Known as the deepest hotel in the world, the historic Salva Silvermine hotel in Sweden is an impressive 500 feet underground. For those willing to enter the darkness, guests can use the actual mine shaft that was used by the miners to collect silver between the 15th and 20th century.

Take the plunge

The Mantra Resort located on Pemba Island, Tanzania offers holidaymakers to go under the sea in their underwater room and submerge themselves into the ocean experience that surrounds them.The three floor suite, with two above sea level equipped with bathroom and lounge and one master bedroom below sea level provides magical scenes of the local reef fish swimming by in the day and night thanks to spotlights beneath each window.

In the dog house

For all animal lovers out there, the world's largest beagle otherwise known as ' Willy', can be found at The Dog Bark Park Inn. This one of a kind B&B will leave tails wagging after staying in this quirky bed and breakfast in Cottonwood, Idaho. Opened in 2003, by husband and wife , Denis J. Sullivan and Frances Conklin, the giant dog has been a huge hit. With two bedrooms and a bathroom along with access to a portable toilet in a model fire hydrant next to Willy.

On the edge

Only accessible by helicopter or by mountain climbing, this nine bedroom cabin overlooks the stunning Julian Alps on the Slovenian and Italian border. Designed by Ofis architects, spending a night here isn't for the faint hearted. Placed on the rocky Mount Kanin, guests will have panoramic views of the Triglav mountains , the Soca valley below and the Adriatic sea.

All the the lights

The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, a surreal hotel in Finland is just a stone's throw away from the breath-taking Urho Kekkonen National Park , the largest in Finland. Just north of the Arctic Circle, the glass Igloos offer perfect views of the Aurora Borealis. With a variety of suites available, including: queen suites, log cabins, a traditional house and the glass igloos. If a cold night's sleep isn't for you (temperatures can drop to a freezing minus 40 degrees). However the igloos have been constructed with a thermal glass to keep you warm and to keep your view clear.

No Man's land

No Man's fort, a Victorian era fort that was built in the 1860s to prevent the French from invading Portsmouth. Situated in the Solent , around 1.5 miles from the Isle of Wight, it was built as one of four ports to protect Portsmouth and was relaunched as a hotel in 2015 and can now hold up to 200 people and sleep 44 guests. It boasts an impressive 22 bedrooms, a bar, sauna, restaurant, seating area and on outdoor area with hot tubs. For those who are looking for an isolated sleep in the middle of the ocean, hop on board.

From the lofty peaks of mountains to beneath the earth itself, those long summer nights on your travels will never be the same again. Ditch the four-poster and hop on the plane! Where is the most unusual place you've spent the night? Let us know on Twitter at @Silentnightbeds

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