The secret to a great night's sleep

Anxious Brits stressed for more than two hours a day

Feeling stressed has become all too common a problem in modern life, as our days become more pressurised to meet deadlines, make that early morning meeting and be in too many places at once. It's inevitable, then, that stress will effect most of us in one way or another.

In fact, new research by A.Vogel Herbal Remedies claims that the average adult is stressed for more than two hours a day.

Researchers found that things such as being late, lack of time, getting stuck in traffic and health issues are some of the main reasons for our increased levels of stress.

The study of 2,000 Brits found that 36 was the age when adults say they feel the most stressed, with 62 per cent admitting that stress had affected their health, which, in turn, resulted in half of them needing to take time off work.

Speaking to the Daily Express this week, Alison Cullen from A.Vogel said, "Ongoing stress causes the body to put everything on hold except immediate survival.

"Areas such as fertility, detoxing and immune cells patrolling to check for infections are neglected. The result is more cold and flu infections, which, in turn, causes more stress.

"Many people neglect their health because their schedules are so pressurised, but spending a little time on your health can mean spending a lot less time being ill."

One in four adults admitted they even had to quit their job because they felt it was too pressurised. And, of course, all this stress can have a negative effect on sleeping patterns.

If you feel like the stresses of modern life are impacting on your quality of sleep, then try
some of Dr Nerina's breathing exercises to help you relax before bed.

Dr Nerina say, "Kundalini breathing is particularly good for a wired mind and body. Sit up straight in bed, pucker your lips as if holding a 10p coin, breathe in forcefully through the lips, exhale through the nose. Do this for one to two minutes.

"Say 'Aaaah': chanting the sound 'Aaaah' can help to release pain and stuck negative energy. It might feel weird but go for it, don't hold back. Loosen your jaw up and let the sound out. 10 minutes of this can help to clear the mind allowing for deep, clean sleep." 

For more tips, head to Dr Nerina's sleep toolkit and share your sleep wind down routine with us by using #MySleepSecret

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