The secret to a great night's sleep

Bonfire-proof your bedtime

Bonfire night is preparing to explode into action. Whilst it's undoubtedly a nationwide celebration enjoyed by children and adults alike, for some the party will bring more frustration than festivities. With bonfire parties often running long after the embers have died down, it's no surprise we struggle to get a good night's sleep. 

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Anxious Brits stressed for more than two hours a day

New research suggests that adults feel stressed for an average of two hours per day... so what can we do to improve our rest and sleep?

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How to limit your child’s screen time for a great night’s sleep

Research published by King's College London this week has revealed that using smartphones and tablets before bed is stopping children from sleeping and that even the presence of a device in a child's bedroom could be seriously impacting the quality of their sleep.

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The Clocks Are Going Back But Your Health Doesn't Have To

This Sunday, it's time to wind your clocks back and indulge yourself with an extra hour of blissful sleep. As the days grow shorter, hibernation temptation is beginning to set in… so how can you get out of bed on the right side after the clocks go back this Sunday?

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Five tweets that all sleep lovers can relate to

Ah, Twitter! It's amazing how a social platform can bring together so many people with a shared passion; and one topic that never fails to get people talking is sleep. Here are our top five tweets that all fellow sleep lovers will understand...

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47 precious minutes a day

This week, The Sun reported on how the average Brit only gets 47 minutes of peace and quiet a day. The research, which was conducted by British Gypsum, stated that 'six in 10 people think that the only time they enjoy complete silence is when they're in bed.' As it may be the most peaceful part of your day, it's important to make your bedtime routine as relaxing as possible. Meditation, essential oils and deep breathing are just some of the things that can calm your body and help you get a good, peaceful night's sleep.

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