The secret to a great night's sleep

9 little white lies we tell our kids to get them to go to sleep

We all know how hard it can be to get children to go to sleep at bedtime. We asked parents on Facebook to tell us the greatest lies they've told their little ones to send them to sleep. 

super hero

1) Give them superpowers

From Superman to Batman, every child has their own favourite superhero: "I tell my son if he wants to become a superhero he has to sleep for as long as he can to be like Spider-Man."

2) The monster under the bed

The fears that all parents use to their advantage: "Spiders go to sleep when you switch the light off, that's when they can't get you."

3) If in doubt, use Santa

The typical Santa name-drop never gets old:"I tell my kids, if you move and it flashes red (the burglar alarm), someone important like Santa is watching you. If you want Christmas presents, you have to be good and go to sleep."

4) Make her a princess  

Let's face it, most kids want to become their favourite disney princess: "I tell my daughter that if she wants hair as long as Rapunzel, then she has to go to sleep so it can grow just like hers."

5) Wishful thinking

That one boyband member that gets them every time: "If you don't go to sleep you will never grow big enough to meet Harry Styles."


6) Playing on their imagination

A little lie about your kids' toys won't do any harm: "I tell my daughter that she has to be quiet and go to sleep because her dolls and teddy bears can only sleep when she does."

7) Encourage sibling rivalry

From push to shove your kids will always want to win the race: "I used to use on my kids the… 'who can go to sleep first competition'-that was always good when they were little. Now it's a case of I'll turn the wifi off!"

8) There's always the fairies!

Sprinkle some fairy dust and hope for the best! "You have to go to sleep on time so the sleep fairy will be happy and will bring you lots of lovely dreams. If not you will make her angry and you won't dream at all."

9) If all else fails…

"Shut up and go to sleep now or else!!"

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