The secret to a great night's sleep

Maximise the storage potential in your bedroom

For those with limited space in the bedroom, creating sufficient storage for clothes, shoes and accessories can seem like a bit of a challenge. 

But it needn't be.

With some creative thinking you can easily store everything you need and more!

If anything, a smaller space encourages you to be extra resourceful and better organised, which has to be a good thing.

If you are planning to replace your bedroom furniture, it's a great opportunity to re-design your room to get the maximum out of your space and it definitely helps to measure up and draw a plan on graph paper to scale.  Make a note of any permanent fixtures you'll need to work around, such as fireplaces or built-in wardrobes.

Before you start to replace or re-organise your existing bedroom furniture, assess the type of storage you currently have.  How does it currently meet your needs?  For example, you may have more hanging space than you need, but not enough drawers.  Maybe you simply need to adjust the balance of storage.

If you lack storage space, a great idea is to choose a bed with drawers.  All Silentnight upholstered beds, in addition to a 5 year guarantee, come with a great range of storage options such as two or four drawers, or perhaps you prefer the lift up Ottoman style to easily access your bedding and blankets?  

You could combine one of these fantastic bases with a great value mattress like the Mirapocket 1200 Mattress, which has just been re-awarded its Which? Best Buy for mattresses.   With a double-sided and hand-tufted 1200 advanced Mirapocket spring system (giving targeted support in different zones for superior comfort), the mattress is Purotex treated to reduce moisture and dust-mite allergens.   Importantly, this comes with the Allergy UK seal of approval.


Other ways to save space

  • You could also make more use of the vertical wall space, by adding shelves.  Items you don't use as regularly could be stored in attractive boxes on top of your wardrobes.  Even the back of the bedroom door can be utilised with hooks or a storage hanger.
  • Inside your wardrobe, you may find it useful to hang some inexpensive fabric shelving units - these can be a quick and easy way to fold t-shirts and jumpers away.  Clear shoe boxes can be neatly stacked at the base of a wardrobe.
  • The way you store items in your bedroom drawers can make a massive difference; try arranging jeans or t-shirts as you would a filing system - fold them into thirds and stack them upright from front to back.  You'll find you can fit more in and it's easier to see what you have.
  • Put away any clothes that are out of season - you can store them in airtight bags to save space and keep them protected from moths and mildew at the same time. 
  • Have a good sort out of your belongings and be ruthless about getting rid of the things you don't wear anymore and haven't done during the past year.
  • Don't keep multiples of the same item - no one needs a dozen black t-shirts so try and reduce the amount of clothes you have.  Sort your clothes and shoes into piles to keep, donate or throw away - you'll be amazed by the end of this process and feel a lot less cluttered!

This post was written by Antonia Ludden of Tidy Life blog. Check out her twitter @thisistidylife for more home interior and lifetyle blogs. 

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