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The best apps to help you sleep

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Whether it's the stress of the festive period, distracting noises, or you're just not as tired due to a lie in; sometimes we need a helping hand when it comes to drifting off to sleep in the evening. Whilst technology can often be deemed the enemy when it comes to your bedtime routine, there are also ways that your smartphone can lend a hand.

Apps to help you sleep are becoming increasingly popular and with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know which one to download.

To lend a helping hand, we've rounded up our top 5 apps to help you sleep well here on Silentnight Sleep News.

The best sleep apps 2016

1: Headspace

Headspace is an app that helps you to achieve a restful sleep, by clearing your mind and helping you to learn meditation techniques. Providing tips and tricks to train your mind to smile more, focus more and essentially live more, alongside a range of methods to help your personal meditation routine. With a clearer mindset, you'll be guaranteed to drift off much easier for a deep and peaceful slumber.

2: Relax Melodies

Sometimes noises can be the culprit when it comes to a disturbed sleeping pattern. Relax Melodies is an app that provides calming, ambient music and sounds to help you to nod off. With a collection of calming melodies to choose from, you can create your own custom mix that will aid your own sleep needs. Claiming to help you to fall asleep in 20 minutes or less, it's definitely worth a try if you're suffering from interrupted sleep.

3: Sleepmaker Rain

Some claim that there's nothing more soothing in the world than listening to the sound of heavy rain. Whilst this is best enjoyed indoors rather than outside, getting wet, we have to agree that sitting in the conservatory during a rainstorm can be a calming environment. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of hearing the rain when we most need it during the night, so that's where Sleepmaker Rain steps in. Put on your headphones and zone out to the selection of stormy sounds available.

4: Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius helps you to keep track of your sleeping habits to help you to develop a consistent routine. This in turn helps your body to adjust to any regime and will aid the natural development of your sleep cycle. The app also has a relaxation program, which can help your body to feel relaxed, help slow your heart rate and release tension from your mind - which will all add up to a brilliant night of deep sleep, once you ease into it!

5: White Noise Free: Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation

Sometimes all you need is to bring things back to basics and go with the simplest options available. The White Noise Free app provides you with a simple range of ambient background soundtracks of white noise, which will help your mind to focus on the task at hand (in this case, sleep). This is also a great app for anyone who struggles to sleep when suffering from tinnitus and similar aural issues.

If you discover any innovative and effective apps for helping us to sleep, let us know over on Twitter by sharing your recommendation by tagging #MySleepSecret

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