The secret to a great night's sleep

The UK government has recently published draft legislation for a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks that is set to begin from April 2018.

According to experts from Oxford University, the small changes that will be made by manufacturers to cut sugar content will have many improvements on health.

Their recent research suggests that the implementation of the sugar tax could lead to obesity among young children declining by 10%.

Silentnight's research with the University of Leeds found that our relationship with sugary drinks and snacks has an impact on our sleeping patterns and the quality of our sleep. A high consumption of sugar was linked to sleep of a poor quality.

Commenting on the findings Dr Weighall said: "With talk of a 'sugar tax' we are all increasingly aware of the negative effects of sugar on the nation's health, especially in relation to weight gain and obesity. However, scientists have also shown that our diet can be important for sleep too. There is evidence that both adults and children who eat high calorie diets are more likely to sleep less."

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Silentnight's resident sleep expert, suggested that those who are sensitive sleepers should try to avoid sugar when possible. She said: "What is interesting from the research is that we see how quite quickly the relationship between sugar and sleep can become a negative cycle - with what we put into the body disrupting our sleep patterns, we are then kept awake and our body begins to crave all the things which keep us awake.

"Sugar can cause more restlessness and hyperactivity, especially if you're a sensitive sleeper so best to minimise it.

"I would encourage people to break the cycle with a low sugar, or better still sugar free, drink before bed. If you have a hot drink before you go to sleep, it's best to make it with almond milk, which is high in tryptophan, which is proven to improve sleep."

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