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Tips for getting the kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

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Christmas. One of the most magical times of the year, especially when you have little ones around to help share the joy! However, the magic can soon come to an abrupt end when the little rascals are too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve.

With this in mind, we're sharing our top tips to get your children to sleep on Christmas Eve and really make the most out of the big day!

Wear them out during the day

A run around the park, a walk to grandma's, a play date with their friends… Plan in as many physical activities as you can during the daytime, so that they're tuckered out ready for a big sleep! Christmas Eve is the ideal time to schedule in some active time, as most parents will be off work. You could even arrange a friendly sports activity in teams with the local families and make it a real, sociable Christmas tradition to bring your community together.

A relaxing bathtime

As we all know, there's nothing like a relaxing bath to help you to wind down for the evening. Stock up on soothing scented bath soaks on your weekly shop and wind down after the day of active excitement. Follow the soak with a warm glass of milk and you should be on to a winner when it comes to relaxing the kids before bedtime!

Avoid sugar and treats

Whilst it might be tempting to watch Christmas films with some festive, sugary treats and regal the children in stories of Santa and his sleigh, the last thing you want is a sugar spike in the evening. Sugar is absorbed particularly quickly by children and is known to increase their energy levels, so avoid it as much as you can after lunch time.

Stick to the routine as much as possible

Of course, everyone is going to be super excited for Christmas morning. There's preparations to be made and even putting the carrot out for Ruddolph can impact the regular routine a little bit. With this in mind, try and plan everything a little sooner and stick to it! Like clockwork, the children should be tiring out around their regular bedtime - especially with all the aforementioned activities during the day! 

...And finally!

Remember to have FUN this Christmas time. Take everything in your stride and take the pressure off by going at your own pace. Don't stress about the sprouts or obsess over the oven times and enjoy the precious family time with a few Christmas films and festivities on the day itself!

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